Boulder Symphony Orchestra Autumn 2014 Concerts

I am a cellist with the Boulder Symphony Orchestra and I would like to invite you to join us for our upcoming concerts. Go to to learn more and purchase tickets.

PASSIONATE COLLISIONS Saturday, September 20th at 7:00pm

Toku Kawata - Piano

Sibelius’s First Symphony along with Russian great, Sergei Rachmaninoff’s most beloved piano concert, featuring CU’s Toku Kawata making his symphonic debut in Boulder.

Program: Symphony #1 by Jean Sibelius Piano Concerto #2 by Sergei Rachmaninoff What Trees May Speak (World Premiere) by Jonathan Sokol


Join us for our annual Halloween Family Concert, solve the mystery, enter into a Costume Contest (winner conducts the orchestra) and Trick-or-Treat Boulder-style. Also engage in an Instrumental Petting Zoo.

Program: Enigma Variations by Edward Elgar Coriolan Overture by Ludwig Van Beethoven

MYSTERY OF THE ENGIMA Saturday, October 25th at 7:00pm

Devon Howard, Organ

English composer Edward Elgar took the solution to his mysterious Enigma to his grave. Solve the code along with the Boulder Symphony; we’re also joined by organist Devon Howard.

Program: Enigma Variations by Edward Elgar Coriolan Overture by Ludwig Van Beethoven Prelude and Fugue in G Minor by Johannes Brahms

OUT OF THE DARKNESS Saturday, November 22nd at 7:00pm

The Fourth Symphony is one of Beethoven’s happiest and freshest works composed at time when the composer was at one of the darkest places in his life. A testament of music’s power to soothe the soul.

Program: Symphony No. 4 by Ludwig Van Beethoven

Pachelbel's Canon in D - Wedding Ceremony Music


Canon in D is a beloved wedding song and perhaps most requested by brides today, and for good reason. It is beautiful and elegant, and can be played with a number of different instruments. It was originally written by German composer and organist, Johann Pachelbel during the Baroque period. He wrote it as a Canon which doesn't refer to the weapon that was used in battle, but a round. Canon in D begins with a simple bass line that is carried throughout the piece while the melody voices are layered in one by one, each one imitating the first voice. It was originally written for three violins and continuo, but today we play it with just about every instrument combination available. If you love Pachelbel's Canon in D and would like us to play it at your wedding ceremony, visit my weddings page for more information on our services.

Helpful hints if you want Pachelbel's Canon in D played at your wedding ceremony:

- For brides who want to walk down the aisle to Canon in D, I suggest that you wait for the song to play for a few seconds before beginning your walk and then take your time and enjoy the moment. The Canon starts with a solo cello and slowly then unfurls like a rosebud until it reaches its full glory over a minute into the song.

- If you want to have Canon played for your wedding party instead, it is certain to be long enough even if you have a lot of attendants. The entire song is about 5 minutes long and is easy to repeat if necessary.

- Pachelbel's Canon can be played with many instrument combinations. We can play it with every ensemble I offer. I particularly like Pachelbel's Canon played with a flute quartet (flute, violin, viola, cello), string quartet, flute and guitar, or flute and harp.

Here is the original version of Canon in D played on original instruments from the time of Pachelbel:

A Concert for Kati - a Collaboration Concert

Recently, we held our second annual Boulder Cello Project, Cello Expressions, and Chase the Music collaboration concert to enrich the life of a nominated child with a special need. The Boulder Cello Project practiced and prepared for this concert for many months and Nick Halsey of Cello Expressions arranged some of the child's favorite songs, plus a special arrangement just for her entitled "Kati's Run". The concert was held at eTown Concert Hall, and since Kati's favorite color is purple, we all wore purple shirts with purple flowers for the ladies' hair, and the room was lit with fun colored lights including - yes, purple lights! It was a magical time of music and getting to know and meet Kati and her family. I played flute and cello for the concert.

Here are some videos - I'm on the flute:

Flute, Viola, and Cello Trio - Boulder Symphony Orchestra and Sotheby's Realty

Looking southward over Wonderland Lake

Looking southward over Wonderland Lake


I had a wonderful time these past two weeks playing music for for Sotheby's Realty, a sponsor of the Boulder Symphony Orchestra. Other members of the symphony joined me to form a flute, viola, and cello trio. Our first performance was at Sotheby's Realty where they held an elegant Boulder Symphony fundraising event. The event was a great success and I want to thank everyone who gives our symphony support - you truly make a difference!

Looking east over Boulder, Colorado

Looking east over Boulder, Colorado

The second performance was at one of Sotheby's open houses, where we played as potential buyers toured the home. Our music carried very well in this house because it was large and open, and our classical music complimented the classical overtones in the home. We also had spectacular views! This home was situated at the end of a road in the hills above Boulder and was surrounded by open space. From there, we could clearly see Boulder right below us, north to Long's Peak, and south all the way to Pikes' Peak. I loved playing in this beautiful location and was fascinated to finally see what it's like in the Boulder foothills. I love playing in situations where I can interact with our audience and this was certainly one of those times. Our music was well received and the Realtor showing the home was warm and friendly.

Boulder Symphony Orchestra Spring 2014 Concerts

As a cellist with the Boulder Symphony Orchestra, I would like to invite you to join us for our upcoming concerts. Go to to learn more and purchase tickets.

The Boulder Symphony Orchestra
The Boulder Symphony Orchestra


Saturday, February 15th at 7:00pm

Devon Howard, organ Ann Marie Liss, Harp Phoenix Avalon, violin

Returning to the Symphony by popular request is wunderkind violinist Phoenix Avalon, in a concert featuring the great prodigy composers. Camille Saint-Saens was performing the piano for Franz Liszt as a child; Gioachino Rossini wrote more than 30 operas before turning 30, and Felix Mendelssohn composed his most beloved works as a teenager. Camile Saint-Saëns’s Third Symphony, a masterful and seamlessly organic French interpretation of the genre features organist Devon Howard, and is indebted to the composer’s teacher Liszt, who himself showed off his wunderkind piano technique to Beethoven half a century earlier.

Program: Symphony No. 3 "Organ" by Camille Saint-Saens Overture to the Opera "William Tell" by Gioachino Rossini Violin Concerto by Felix Mendelssohn Sacred and Profane Dances by Claude Debussy

The Boulder Symphony Orchestra
The Boulder Symphony Orchestra


Saturday, March 15th at 7:00pm

Brandon Matthews, guest conductor In collaboration with Metro State Orchestra

A lifelong school teacher turned composer and mystic, Gustav Holst was was profoundly intrigued by both the human condition and our place in the universe. He delved inwardly into the spiritual traditions of humanity by examining the Mahabharata and other Hindu scriptures, as well as outward and upward towards the heavens as an astrologer and horoscope reader. The Planets is the composer’s greatest portrayal of the eternal, one of the most penetrating artistic representations of the Solar System and the great beyond. Joined by members the Metro State Orchestras, Event Horizons will also feature the world premiere of A Warmer Wind, a multimedia feast by Jonathan Sokol and Boulder Symphony violist Julie Rooney.

Program: The Planets by Gustav Holst A Warmer Wind (World Premiere) by Jonathan Sokol & Julie Rooney

The Boulder Symphony Orchestra
The Boulder Symphony Orchestra


Saturday, May 17th at 7:00pm

Deborah Marshall, clarinet

The fiery and rousing season finale features Mr. Beethoven and Mr. Shostakovich as political activists as much as they were composers. Under the thumb of the powers that be, both composers orchestrated subliminal political messages and innuendos into the their music to combat the status quo. Shostakovich’s epic Fifth Symphony is perhaps history’s greatest dramatic battle between dictator and creator.

Making her debut as soloist with the Boulder Symphony is Chamber Music Director and Clarinetist Deborah Marshall, capped off by an instrument that we guarantee you have never seen before nor heard of, the world premiere of the joint venture of Max Bernstein, Mark Hamilton McCoin, and DeVotchKa’s Tom Hagerman, their Concerto for Pianoharp and Orchestra.

Program: Symphony No. 5 by Dmitri Shostakovich Lenore Overture No. 3 from Fidelio by Ludwig van Beethoven Rhapsody for Clarinet and Orchestra by Claude Debussy Concerto for Pianoharp (World Premiere) by Max Bernstein, Tom Hagerman & Mark Hamilton McCoin

Flute, Viola, and Cello Trio - Wedding Music at the Greenbriar Inn in Boulder

Flute and String Wedding Ceremony Music at the Greenbriar Inn, Boulder
Flute and String Wedding Ceremony Music at the Greenbriar Inn, Boulder

On Saturday, our flute, viola, and cello trio played for a wedding ceremony at the beautiful Greenbriar Inn located in North Boulder. The couple got married outside surrounded by warm autumn colors drenched in late afternoon sunshine. This couple chose to select all of their own music including their own prelude music. They chose favorites ranging from classical, to ragtime and popular. I made several special music arrangements for our trio to play including “New York, New York”, “I Feel Pretty”, and “When I’m 64”. We played the prelude as the guests enjoyed light refreshments, and just as the sun began to descend towards the mountains behind the "Chuppah" (traditional Jewish wedding canopy), the wedding ceremony began. The vows went by quickly as the couple chose to say their "I do's" in unison, and guests did various readings. Once the sun set, there was a sharp chill in the air, and everyone went inside to enjoy a warm fire and refreshments.

Wedding Ceremony Music:
Prelude Music ~ Trumpet Tune (Purcell), Salut d’Amour (Elgar), Ave Maria (Schubert), Selections from Handel’s “Water Music”, London Trio #1 (Haydn), Paragon Rag (Joplin), I Feel Pretty (Bernstein), When I’m 64 (Beatles)

Attendant’s and Parent's Processional ~ Canon in D
Bride ~ Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Recessional ~ New York, New York

Wedding Vendors:
Venue: Greenbriar Inn
Wedding Ceremony Musicians: Flute and Strings by Christen Stephens - Flute Trio

Boulder Symphony Orchestra Winter 2013 Concerts

I am a cellist with the Boulder Symphony Orchestra, and I invite you to join us for our upcoming concerts. Go to the new website at to learn more and purchase tickets.

DEAF MAN'S DYSFUNCTIONAL DANCE Saturday, September 21st at 7:00pm

Celebrate folk traditions spanning half a millennium with the Symphony as we share the greatest musical dance traditions from Transylvania, Hungary and Romania, to present day America. Wagner called Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony the apotheosis of the dance in Dionysian fashion with its gyrating rhythms and intoxicating spirit. Also explored on the program are good old American jigs in the form of the contra-dance in the world premiere of Loretta Notareschi’s Balance and Swing.

Program: SYMPHONY NO. 7 by Ludwig Van Beethoven ROMANIAN FOLK DANCES by Bela Bartok HUNGARIAN DANCES 1 & 5 by Johannes Brahms PRELUDE TO THE OPERA "THE MASTERSINGER OF NUREMBERG" by Richard Wagner BALANCE AND SWING [WORLD PREMIER] by Loretta Notareschi

MAYHEM ON CANYON BOULEVARD Saturday, October 26th at 2:00pm

In collaboration with Longmont Youth Symphony. Celebrate Halloween early, for the the whole family as the Symphony presents an epic orchestral Murder Mystery topped off with Trick-or-treating Boulder-style, a costume contest with the winner serving as Maestro, and an orchestra petting zoo so kids test drive some of the world’s greatest instruments! We are joined, at least initially, by the famed Italian Maestro Gianfranco Benedicto Cellini.

COSTUME CONTEST - Winner conducts the orchestra TRICK-OR-TREATING with local Boulder healthy sweets INSTRUMENT PETTING ZOO For kids and all ages

BRIDGES TO HEAVEN Saturday, December 7th at 7:00pm

Teresa Castillo, soprano Thomas Kittle, baritone Gustav Mahler’s music brings us a wealth of experience from the earliest childhood memories to depictions of heaven, and everything in between. For his Fourth Symphony, widely known as his more populist from the genre, classical tradition clashes magnificently with contemporary culture. The Song and Symphony become one as we premiere composer-in-residence Austin Wintory’s modern version of the Song cycle for orchestra, as we welcome back soprano Teresa Castillo and baritone Thomas Kittle.

Program: SYMPHONY NO. 4 by Gustav Mahler SONGS OF A WAYFARER by Gustav Mahler SONG FOR ORCHESTRA [WORLD PREMIER] by Austin Wintory

Now Offering a String Quartet and a String Trio

string quartet and string trio wedding ceremony music
string quartet and string trio wedding ceremony music

It's time to go traditional, and I am pleased to announce that you can now hire a string quartet or a string trio right here through my website. String music will add a touch of elegance and class to your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, or your special event. The formal sound and appearance of stringed instruments make them a very popular choice for brides. If you would like to hire a quartet or a trio but want a more unique and varied sound, you can replace the first violin with the flute. The flute has a smooth sound that contrasts beautifully with that of stringed instruments.

Many Trails – A Performance for the Joshua School

This past Saturday for the very first time, members of the Boulder Cello Project collaborated with Chase the Music and Cello Expressions to create a special concert for a child and his classmates at the Joshua School. The Joshua School is a day treatment center for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities, and our aim was to enrich their lives by giving them the experience of a live musical performance done especially for them. The musicians included members of the Boulder Cello Project with the special additions of guitar, marimba, tubular chimes, drums, trumpet, and me on the flute. We performed Disney favorites, classical selections, and premiered an original composition by Nick Halsey dedicated to this deserving child. I think the adults enjoyed the concert just as much as the children did and we are hoping to have more concerts like this in the future.

Learn more about this collaboration and future concerts for these critically ill or specially nominated children at

Busking at Pearl Street Mall in Boulder

Live Music in Colorado
Live Music in Colorado

Busking I’ve never played music on the street for tips before, but busking is something I’ve always wanted to try. For Colorado musicians, there is no better place to play than Pearl Street Mall, one of the top busking locations in the US. Pearl Street is a pedestrian shopping area in the heart of Boulder, and on any given day, it’s usual to see musicians, artists, and novelty entertainers of all kinds performing outdoors.

Big Surprise! This past Saturday was a beautiful day and I took my flute and headed out to Pearl Street to try my hand at street performing. What I did not expect were the thousands of people, fairies and other mythical creatures that crowded the center of town. I had unintentionally arrived just in time to play during the Boulder Tulip Fairy and Elf Festival. I found my own performing space somewhere between a guitarist playing on a platform that looked like a giant double bass and a fire tossing juggler. My biggest fans turned out to be little girls in fairy dresses who twirled and danced to the tunes I played on my flute.

Experiments As I played, I experimented to see what kind of music drew the most tips. The most loved Tulip Fairy and Elf music? Slow romantic or classical music, as long as I played loud enough to be heard over the noise of the crowd. The two favorites were “Londonderry Air” and “Meditation from Thais”. Jazz, Celtic and lively classical music didn’t do as well. Once I found out what kind of music my audience of young fairies preferred, the tips came in regularly and I left with some money in my purse and satisfied with an enjoyable experience. I am planning on busking again sometime, so if you are ever on Pearl Street and see a flute player, or if you are lucky, a flute and harp duo, that just might be me.

The Boulder Opera Presents Rossini's "Cinderella" - a Children's Opera

La Cenerentola brings to life the timeless tale of Cinderella, but this isn't the story we grew up with. Rossini's version of the fairytale takes place in Italy, where the wicked stepsisters are tricked by a footman disguised as the prince, and Angelina (Cenerentola/Cinderella) falls in love with a prince disguised as a footman. Accessible, quick-moving, and comic, La Cenerentola will capture the attention of both girls and boys with its tricks and turns, the sisters' delightful wickedness, and Angelina's triumph. Lasting approximately an hour with a question and answer period after the show, La Cenerentola is the perfect introductory opera for children who love stories, singing, and acting. Professional singers and a live orchestra bring an authentic and exciting opera experience to children and parents alike. An emcee/narrator will guide the audience through the ins and outs of opera with lots of audience participation. The performance is probably most appropriate for children ages 3 and older.

Where: Nomad Theatre 1410 Quince Avenue

When: Thursday, April 25, 10:30am Saturday, April 27th, 11:00am and 2:00pm Sunday, April 28th, 12:00pm and 3:00pm

Tickets are available on the Boulder Opera Company website.