What are your rates?

Our rates are determined by a number of factors including the ensemble you choose, the season, and travel. For more specific rate information, visit the “Top Locations” tab and choose the location nearest to your wedding or event.

How can I book you?

Contact Me to reserve your date, or create a custom themed wedding music package. In order to reserve our music for your wedding or event day, I require a non-refundable deposit of one half the total bill and a signed contract. For payment, I accept personal checks, bank transfers, Venmo,  PayPal, and credit cards. The contract can be signed electronically or returned to me by mail. The remaining balance is due one week before our performance.

Do you play outdoors?

Yes. All instruments are suitable for outdoor performances. To maintain the quality of our musical performance, our instruments cannot be subjected to extreme heat or cold, or rain. We have different requirements for the different instruments, so contact me if you would like to know the specific requirements of your preferred instruments.

Do you provide amplification?

Our instruments are very resonant and our sound carries surprisingly well, but for large events or in settings with lots of ambient sounds, I routinely provide amplification to give you and your guests the best possible experience. I have both a state of the art Bose L1 sound system and a battery powered sound system that doesn’t require power. I use a professional Sennheiser microphone that clips to my flute and custom pickups for the string instruments.

Do you travel outside the Denver metro area?

Yes. We travel to Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Colorado mountain locations including Vail, Breckenridge, Estes Park and more. Your wedding or event music proposal will always include travel costs, if applicable.

Do You Personally Play for Each Performance?

I personally play my flute or cello at almost every performance, and you’ll be sure to get my personal care an attention from booking us through the final performance. In the rare case that I won’t be playing, such as for solo violin performances, my talented and experienced team members will do an excellent job.

Do you take special song requests?

I love taking special requests for music that is beyond our repertoire and can accommodate most requests if given at least one month’s notice. If the music is not available for purchase, I can make custom professional music arrangements. All song requests are priced by the length of notice I have:


6+ months: 

3 - 5 months:

1 - 2  months:

$10 per musician per song

$15 per musician per song

$20 per musician per song

Do the ceremony musicians come to the wedding rehearsal?

We are available to come to your wedding rehearsal for an extra fee that will be included in the contract, however it is very rare that we are contracted for a rehearsal. We are experienced with weddings and know how to time the music to fit your ceremony. I also speak with your wedding coordinator, the site manager, and/or your officiant before the wedding ceremony to coordinate the ceremony details and cues.

Will you perform with other musicians, or only your musicians?

I will perform with any other musicians as long as they make arrangements for the music with me at least a month in advance and arrange to rehearse with me before your wedding or event.

How does the music selection process work?

You can choose your level of involvement in selecting music. Once I get a feel for the type of music that you want, I can create a personalized set list for your wedding or event. If we are playing for your wedding ceremony, you will receive additional guidance and help in selecting your processional and recessional songs at our consultation.

What is Your Break Policy?

We will need one ten minute break every hour for performances two hours or longer.

Will the musicians need to be fed?

Food is not necessary not expected for ceremony or cocktail hour performance, but if we’re playing for the reception or dinner, food is very welcome.

Are there any upcoming performances where we could see you play live?

I mostly perform at private events and weddings, however, I do occasionally have a public performance which you are welcome to attend. Before you book, you are welcome to join me for a complimentary personal music consultation where you can hear me play live music samples.