Flute Wedding Ceremony Music - Q&A

Solo flute wedding ceremony music, photo by rebecca marie photography

Solo flute wedding ceremony music, photo by rebecca marie photography

My romantic and versatile flute music is a stunning addition to any wedding ceremony. If you don’t know a lot about flute, it may be hard to imagine how live flute music will look and feel on your wedding day. Now it’s time to to meet this hidden gem as I answer the top flute questions that wedding couples ask me.

Is solo flute a good instrument for weddings?
Absolutely! I play the some of the best known music and most beautiful wedding classics on solo flute for weddings every year. Because it’s a more specialized instrument, your guests will also appreciate your discerning musical taste in choosing a flute player! Unlike other instruments that are made from wood, brass, or other materials, my flute is made from solid rose gold and silver, giving it a visually stunning effect and a luxurious, sweet and smooth tone.

Will the flute be loud enough for my outdoor wedding?
Many people think of the flute as a soft sounding instrument, so it may surprise you to know that a flute can sound even louder than a violin. In addition to that, I’ve played for so many outdoor weddings, I’ve trained myself to be able to play even louder than the average flute player, while maintaining an elegant sound. Most importantly, I know how to adjust the volume of my flute playing to perfectly suit any setting, from wide open outdoor mountain settings to intimate indoor spaces. If further amplification is needed, I will use my professional Bose L1 speaker or battery powered system coupled with a clip-on mic designed specifically for flute.

Is the flute a romantic instrument?
The opulent sounds of my solid rose gold and silver flute plus my personal musical touch are wonderfully romantic. I love seeing the looks of blissful transport on people’s faces when they hear me play my flute for the first time. I bring my own passion to my music and I’ve even pleasantly surprised the most skeptical of clients. One of my recent clients was dreaming of having solo violin or harp at her wedding, because she didn’t think that solo flute would be romantic. When her wedding day was forecast to be too cold for strings, she hired me to play flute. When she heard me play, she was surprised and amazed, and she write me a lovely review:

“Christen displayed the utmost professionalism and played such incredibly romantic, beautiful songs on her flute in 15 degree weather! She set the mood for the best day of my life! Her music truly made my ceremony. She has such a vast playlist, she can truly bring your wedding vision to life!”

What kinds of songs can you play on the flute?
The flute is among the earliest known musical instruments, and today it’s one of the most modernized instruments, on the cutting edge of avant-garde techniques. Because of this, the flute is one of the most versatile instruments today. Flute sounds perfectly at home playing everything from traditional classical music to current rock, pop, and jazz. I love taking special song requests, and if you can dream it, I can probably play it! My flute music will soar gracefully or dance joyfully to fit the mood of your marriage celebration.

Because flutists breathe exactly the same way that vocalists breathe, the flute creates a wonderful instrumental version of vocal songs, including romantic love songs and pop songs. When paired with other instruments, the flute can play the vocal parts and the background parts can be filled out with guitar, harp, piano or strings.

What are the outdoor playing requirements for solo flute?
When I play solo flute, I’m much more flexible with outdoor weather conditions than most other instruments. Unlike delicate stringed instruments, I don’t need shade or the shelter of a tent when I play. My flute and I can also tolerate cold weather quite well, and I can even play in some rain. When I play solo flute for your wedding ceremony, you can still have the outdoor wedding music of your dreams even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

What’s a flute quartet?
There are actually two types of flute quartets! One type is four flutes, and the other type, which is the one that I offer, is a flute, violin, viola cello. I sometimes call this a flute and strings quartet to eliminate confusion. The traditional string quartet consists of 2 violins, a viola, and a cello. A flute quartet replaces one of the violins with a flute, and it can play everything that a string quartet can play. The sounds of the flute and strings beautifully compliment and enhance each other. The four different instruments of the flute quartet gives it a fuller and more varied sound than a traditional string quartet.