Inspire Duo Performs for "Eternal Color", Opening Night for Artist Melissa Carmon


There are times in life when our dreams really do come true, and collaborating with artist Melissa Carmon to create an immersive musical and artistic experience was one of those rare moments. Melissa Carmon is an outstanding Colorado artist, and she debuted her “Stories of Saints from Antiquity” painting series at the charming Bolt Gallery in Fort Collins. The evening was an incredible success!

From Melissa:
”What can I say, Christen is an absolute dream to work with! She is not only an incredible musician, the whole process of coordinating the event was done with the utmost professionalism and polish. I had absolute assurance that everything would be ready on time, that every detail of the performance would be looked after, and that she knew exactly what she needed for the performance to be top quality. I am an artist, and Christen and Craig (co-founders of the Inspire Duo) performed throughout the opening evening at the gallery. Rave reviews poured in throughout the evening. To have live flute lent a unique beauty to the night and paired beautifully with piano. Their creativity combined with their expertise is truly impressive. The audience was captivated. Working with them is truly a pleasure!”


Craig and I of Inspire Duo performed our unique in-the-moment musical improvisations for each one of Melissa’s 12 saint paintings. We rehearsed for the show in advance to get a feel for the general musical style and mood that we wanted for each painting, but our performance at the show was completely improvised.


One by one, the paintings were projected on a screen behind the stage, and Melissa introduced each one along with the saint’s historical background and a snippet of poetry. Then we briefly explained how we planned to interpret the elements of the painting musically. The room was packed the entire evening, and the guests were able to enjoy the paintings, our music, and refreshments.


Visitors had the opportunity to mingle around the room and socialize, or sit and watch our performance in the seating area at the front. We had both engaged listeners and people enjoying the music in the background as they socialized. The paintings themselves were inspired by live models, many of whom were able to attend that evening.


If you’re an artist and interested in collaborating with Inspire Duo, contact Christen Stephens: