Flute Trio Wedding Ceremony Music in Vail, Colorado

Photo Courtesy of  Michael Rawlings Photography

Our flute trio had a wonderful time playing for this wedding ceremony on a beautiful, sunny, blustery day on the Vail Wedding Deck. The sunflowers and the still-green hills made a glorious backdrop for the bride and groom.

Our trio played classical prelude music as the guests arrived. The only song that the bride specifically requested was the "Bridal Chorus" by Wagner, with the melody played on the violin. Our viola player was very flexible and brought her violin along in addition to her viola. Half the time during the prelude and cocktail hour, she accompanied on viola, and half the time, she played the melody on violin. This switching around was actually a really nice change for us musicians and I think that the guests enjoyed the variety in sound.

After the ceremony, we went back down the gondola to the Four Seasons Hotel in Vail. The cocktail reception was held on the elegant Flame Deck of the Marriott Four Seasons. We played classical music there for another hour as the guests enjoyed the food.

Sample Prelude Music:
Salzburger Menuette (Mozart), Largo from Winter (Vivaldi), Arioso (Bach), Andantino K 236 (Mozart), Fantasie (Telemann), Ecossaise (Beethoven)

Ceremony Music:
Bride ~ Bridal Chorus
Recessional ~ Trumpet Tune

Sample Cocktail Hour Music:
Air from Suite #3 (Bach), Italian Song (Tschaikovsky), Mozart Trios, Toy Symphony (Haydn)

Wedding Vendors:
Photographer: Michael Rawlings Photography
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Vail Wedding Deck Reception
Venue: Marriott Four Seasons, Vail
Wedding Ceremony and Cocktail Musicians: Flute and Strings by Christen Stephens - Flute Trio (flute, viola, cello)