"Wedding Songs and Duets" and "Songs of the Season" Are Now Available for Purchase!

Two new albums by John Matthews, "Wedding Songs and Duets" and "Songs of the Season", are now available for purchase online. John Matthews is a local guitarist and song writer, and I've had the pleasure of writing and recording flute, piano, and string pad parts for a number of his songs. I'm currently recording parts for his next album which will be released this year. I'm very excited about this new album, which has presented me with lots of opportunities to be creative on some really great songs.

Below are music samples from these two albums.

I added flute and piano to this song from the album "Wedding Songs and Duets"

I added piano to this song from "Wedding Songs and Duets"

I added piano to this song from "Songs of the Season"

Announcing New Music Samples From Our Flute and Piano Duo


I'm excited to announce that new music samples of our flute and piano duo are now available for listening on my website! Listen to them here on my flute and piano duo page. I made these recordings accompanied by talented piano/keyboard player, Adam Revell. Our versatile duo can play classical music for your traditional wedding ceremony and then play popular, rock, and jazz for your cocktail hour or wedding reception. We also love playing for parties and feature classical music for elegant formal gatherings to upbeat rock and jazz selections for parties and events.

Announcing New Flute and Violin Duo Music Samples

Thanks to Brian Hunter at the Sawtelle Recording Studio in Denver, I'm excited to announce that we now have professionally recorded flute and violin music samples! Take a moment to listen to them on my Flute and Violin Duo page. Our flute and violin duo will add classic elegance to your wedding ceremony or event. Both instruments have a sound that carries well both indoors and outdoors and we don't take up much space! This duo works best with classical music, but we also enjoy playing your own special requests of any kind.

Announcing New Event and Wedding Music Samples


I have recently completed several recording sessions with Brian Hunter at Swallow Hill in Denver, Colorado. This music is now available for you to listen to on my website (see below for links). There are new music samples of solo flute, flute and piano, and flute and cello.

You are probably very familiar with the sounds of the piano or orchestra, but do you know what flute sounds like all by itself? Take that a step further and imagine flute combined with cello, harp or other instruments. The blending of two different sounding instruments makes a new unique sound, which sometimes even sounds like an entirely different instrument. I hope you enjoy the variety of music samples on my website.

Settled in Colorado

During my first few months here in Westminster, CO I have been getting to know local musicians in the Denver and Boulder areas. I am now available to play for weddings and events both with solo flute and piano, and in various ensembles. I am also currently accepting new flute students. In addition to this, I am working with folk songwriter and guitarist John Matthews and along with other local musicians to record several CDs featuring his original music. John describes his music as a mix of folk, country, rock and pop. He has unique and fresh approach to his music writing, and each CD and song has a different flavor. I am writing the flute and keyboard parts and recording them at Swallow Hill Music Association in Denver, CO. We are planning to release a folk style wedding CD in the spring of next year, and I am currently working on some folk rock songs for a future CD.