Flute Quartet Music for Annual Inspire at NCAR in Boulder, Colorado


I led the Boulder Symphony flute quartet (flute, violin, viola, cello) in playing for the Annual Inspire event in Boulder, Colorado once again this year. The event was held at NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research). The patio overlooks an incredible view of the Colorado front range, but in August, the view was partially obscured by smoke and haze from the wildfires that are burning in the west. We were grateful that towards the end of the event, a cool evening breeze came, bringing with it clear air and the scent of pine. It's an incredibly beautiful location, and I never tire of each amazing Colorado vista that we have the privilege of playing at. 

Our quartet played a selection of cheerful classical music before and after the speeches were made. As usual, the speeches from the students were personal and inspiring stories of hope and how they overcame difficult obstacles in order to achieve their dreams. It was an uplifting evening.