Our France Vacation

Bonjour! My husband and I are recently back from a wonderful "holiday" in France. The people we so nice, the food was fabulous, and it was green and beautiful, although we paid for that greenery with unusual amounts of rain. We visited the Burgundian countryside, Paris, and Strasbourg, enjoying cathedrals, chateaus, gardens, local shops, and even caves. We particularly enjoyed small town life in the countryside, waking up to the birds singing, the hourly tolling of the church bell, and the routines of the locals who would walk or bike to the store every morning to buy fresh baguettes. The food was amazing, and we enjoyed the French favorites - baguettes, quiche, cured meats, strong cheeses, fruit, chocolate, wine, sparkling water, and espresso (un petit cafe). A wisteria covered arbor at the gardens in Apremont, France

Half-timbered houses in the "Petite France" section of Strasburg, France

Cute clothes in a shop window in Avallon, France

A Patisserie in Paris, France

Aboretum Du Balaine Monks singing in a cathedral in Velizy, France

Fields of blooming mustard in the Burgundy countryside

Strasbourg, France Paris, France

View of Strasbourg, France from the top of the cathedral

Roses and Clematis covering the side of a home in Apremont, France

Cathedral at Moulin, France

The gardens at Apremont, France

Au revoir!