My New Jay Haide Cello from Eggen’s Violin Shop


I recently bought a new cello from Eggen’s Violin Shop in Denver, and not only do I love my new cello, but I had a wonderful experience buying the cello. I previously played on a student level cello, and wanted to upgrade to a much better model. With the recommendation of my teacher, I tried out a number of cellos at Rock T. Eggen Violins in Denver. When I purchased my first cello in North Carolina, the instrument selection was very limited, but at Eggen’s I was happy to be able to try out a number of cellos within my price range. I was surprised that unlike with the flute, each instrument had a distinctly unique timbre that even an untrained ear could easily tell apart. Because of this, it was not difficult to choose the instrument I liked best – a Jay Haide L’Ancienne Ruggieri model. This model has a wide body, beautiful finish and a full and resonant sound that fills a room.

I want to thank Rock Eggen for a great buying experience. He was very accommodating, friendly, and patiently answered my many questions. After I brought home and tried out my cello of choice for a week, I brought it back and Rock spent over an hour making various adjustments and letting me try several brands of strings. The end result was just what I wanted – a sweet upper register and a full and smooth lower register. My new cello is a huge upgrade from my previous cello and I’m looking forward to this upcoming orchestra season.

And in case you were wondering, I didn’t tell Rock Eggen I’m writing this.