Solo Flute Wedding and Event Music Samples

Experience the elegance and romance of the solo flute. My handmade rose gold and silver flute has a smooth and full sound that’s hard to surpass. The flute is a versatile solo instrument that sounds wonderful playing in variety of musical styles. Because playing the flute uses breath like the voice, I enjoy playing instrumental versions of vocal songs, including most modern pop songs, rock songs, jazz and love songs.

My sound on the flute carries very well in outdoor spaces, and it ranges from louder than a violin to a soft and full sound suitable for more intimate indoor spaces. If extra volume is needed, I can use my professional amplification system or a battery powered amplification system to amplify my sound even more.


Listen to Wedding Ceremony Music Samples on Solo Flute

I highly recommend that you listen to these music samples with high quality speakers.


Listen: Handel's Hornpipe on Solo Flute

Listen: Arioso by Bach on Solo Flute

Listen to Classical Music Samples on Solo Flute

Listen to Contemporary Music Samples on Solo Flute


Listen: Solo Flute Contemporary Music Sampler


Listen: Solo Flute Classical Music Sampler

Listen to Traditional Irish Music Samples on Solo Flute

From toe tapping tunes to haunting melodies, celebrate with the traditional music of the Irish flute. I play Irish music for weddings and events and can mix Irish tunes with folk and classical music for a varied performance. I also play Irish music as a flute and violin duo.

Improvisations on Solo Flute

These are one of a kind improvisations that I made up on the spot without any planning except for the inspiration of the title that I selected in advance. I can incorporate these improvisations on solo flute into a wedding or event music program upon request.


"Christen kept right on track and made the day perfect"

"Christen was great. Even when the weather changed our plans last minute with no rehearsal, Christen kept right on track and made the day perfect. When working with her to plan the wedding music, she was so helpful and professional. She also sounded amazing! Everything was perfect from working with her in planning down to the ceremony and all the last minute changes. We definitely recommend her for your event!"

- S.P.

Married at Sapphire Point in Dillon, Colorado