Colorado Flute Quartet Wedding and Event Music Samples

My flute quartet consists of a flute, violin, viola and cello. It’s a variation on the string quartet, but one of the two violins is replaced by flute, for a sound that is still classic, but with a fun twist. The contrasting sound of the flute gives this ensemble a rich tonal texture and a fuller sound. Quartets were a popular medium for classical composers, but they also sound great playing today’s contemporary songs. The flute in particular is a great replacement for the singing voice in pop, rock, and jazz music. My flute quartet is excited to play for your Denver, Front Range, or Colorado mountain wedding ceremony or event.


Listen to Classical Wedding Ceremony Music Samples with Flute Quartet

I highly recommend that you listen to these music samples with high quality speakers.

Listen to Popular Music Samples with Flute Quartet

"Christen's flute quartet has a very broad repertoire of music to choose from"

“Christen’s flute quartet played beautifully during my wedding ceremony in December. They have a very broad repertoire of music to choose from, ranging from classical to contemporary, and are happy to give suggestions that fit your style and/or need… I highly recommend Christen and her musicians!”

- S.J.

Married at Beaver Creek Chapel in Beaver Creek, Colorado