Flute and Cello Duo at Tapestry House in Laporte, Colorado

Photos courtesy of Ash Meier Photography

This spring, my flute and cello duo headed up to the Tapestry House in Laporte, Colorado to play for an elegant wedding ceremony. The charming Queen Anne style Tapestry House is a delightful wedding location. The lush green lawns are highlighted with flowers and graced with mature shade trees that are dripping with elegant twinkle lights. Everyone enjoyed the shade under the trees as our duo played a selection of classical prelude music to set an elegant mood. The bride and groom chose processional and recessional songs to complement their traditional wedding ceremony.

I first thought that the Tapestry House was a beautifully restored historical home, but upon reading the history of the home on the venue’s website, I found out that I was mistaken. The house is authentic to the time period but was more recently built. This is because the original house had deteriorated so badly that it was dismantled. The owners carefully salvaged wood, brick, stone, and architectural elements from the original house and incorporated them back into the new Queen Anne Revival Victorian that now occupies the original house site. Featuring six different colors of paint, the Tapestry House is called a “Painted Lady”, which is a term that refers to homes from the late Victorian era that featured three or more contrasting colors of paint. Although the home is new it is such a remarkable reproduction of a Queen Anne Revival style Victorian home that the Poudre Landmarks Foundation has included it twice, since 2002, on its historic homes tour.

Samples from the Prelude Music:
March in D (Bach), Spring (Vivaldi), Arioso (Bach), Menuet from the Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach (Bach)

Wedding Ceremony Music:
Air from Overture #3 in D Major (Bach) ~ Groom, bridesmaids, ringbearer, flower girl
Canon in D (Pachelbel) ~ Bride
La Rejouissance (Handel) ~ Recessional
Hornpipe Finale (Handel) ~ Postlude

Wedding Ceremony Vendors:
Venue: Tapestry House
Photographer: Ash Meier
Musicians: Christen Stephens – Flute and Cello Duo

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Flute and Cello Duo Wedding Ceremony Music at the Wedgwood Center in Boulder, Colorado

Photos with a watermark are courtesy of TomK Photography
In June, our flute and cello duo played for a very musical destination wedding ceremony at the Wedgwood Wedding and Banquet Center in Boulder, Colorado. The bride and groom had many fun song selections that they incorporated throughout their ceremony, and they each had a secret song that they chose for each other. The groom sang his secret song (“All I Ask of You”) to the bride as we accompanied on flute and cello. The groom even sang some of his vows. The ceremony was full of laughter and fun and was truly a celebration of love. I adored the vintage bottles and colored sand that the couple used for their sand pouring ceremony.

Sample Prelude Music:
New York, New York, The Sound of Music, The Ludlows, Can’t Help Falling in Love, Moon River, All of Me, Wildflowers (Tom Petty)

Wedding Ceremony Music:
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach) ~ Seating of the Families

Canon in D (Pachelbel) ~ Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

I Want to Hold Your Hand (Beatles) ~ Flower Girls and Ringbearer

Sweet Child of Mine (Guns N’ Roses) ~ Bride’s Processional

In the Still of the Nite (The Satins) ~ Sand Ceremony

La Vie En Rose (Louis Armstrong) ~ Bride’s song for the groom

All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera ~ Groom’s song for the bride

Wedding March (Mendelssohn) ~ Recessional

Simple Gifts (Lord of the Dance version) ~ Postlude

Wedding Ceremony Vendors:
Venue: Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center
Photographer: Tom K Photo
Musicians – Christen Stephens – Flute and Cello Duo

Music Ideas for a Small Wedding Ceremony

When planning a small wedding ceremony, it’s important that the music you choose will reflect the intimate feel of the gathering of your closest family and friends. A soloist is perfect for a very small wedding ceremony, and a duo or trio works well with a slightly larger ceremony. A general rule of thumb is to hire at least one musician per 50 guests.

If you are having a very small wedding ceremony, you may want to hire a soloist. My specialty is the flute, and I often play solo flute for wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours. Solo flute, along with other single-note instruments, sounds great playing classical music but can also play any genre of music as long as the songs have a distinct melody. The sweet and rich sound of solo flute carries well and is easily heard outdoors, but is especially full and resonant in indoor spaces such as inside a church sanctuary. When I play solo flute for wedding ceremonies, I will often play classical music for the ceremony and then transition to more contemporary and jazz selections for the cocktail hour or reception.

If you are planning to invite more than 50 guests or if the guests will be spread apart over a large area outdoors, I recommend hiring a duo or trio. Both our flute and violin duo and our flute and cello duo give a personal and intimate feel to a small wedding ceremony and have a fuller sound than a soloist. Both of these duos sound wonderful with classical music but many contemporary songs can also be arranged to be performed by these duos.

If you want to hear mostly contemporary music at your wedding, a flute and guitar duo is the perfect choice. This duo retains a feeling of simplicity both visually and tonally, but has the most full sound of the three duos because the guitar can play several notes at once. This duo is very versatile and sounds great playing classical, popular, rock and jazz music. We often amplify this ensemble so that the guitar can be heard well.

A trio is also a great option for a small wedding ceremony. Trios sound much fuller than duos, but still provide an intimate feel. Take a look at the flute trio that we offer.

Whatever music you choose for your small wedding ceremony, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and your vision. If you don’t know what ensemble to choose, communicate your thoughts to your local wedding music professional and they will help you choose the perfect ensemble to meet your needs.

Photos Courtesy of Grace Combs Photography

Flute and Cello Duo at Piney River Ranch in Vail, CO

In August, our flute and cello duo headed up to Piney River Ranch in Vail to play for a wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. After a string of cold and rainy days, the sun finally came out at this incredible mountain location and made for a beautiful wedding day. Once we arrived in Vail, we followed a long set of directions through White River National Forest. The 45 minute drive brought us over very rutted roads and was very challenging in our Prius. Since the going was slow, we embraced the moment and rolled down our windows to enjoy the peaceful quite and the spectacular scenery. We arrived at the lodge in time to enjoy a meal at the Piney restaurant. I ordered their signature pulled pork BBQ, which was exceptional, and having lived in North Carolina for a while, I can be picky about my BBQ! We also had time to take photos of the lake and of the resident moose, Monty Jr.

The bride knew what she wanted for music, and she chose most of the prelude music and all of the ceremony music on her own with the aid of my repertoire list. She requested that we fill out her prelude selections with music from movies with big scenery to compliment the lake and mountain backdrop. I really enjoyed making these music selections and it was wonderful to play them in a location that perfectly complimented them.

One of the best moments of the wedding ceremony was when Monty the moose walked through the water right behind the couple! The pastor had been talking about living in the moment and not letting life slip by us unnoticed. The reactions of the guests was wonderful as the ceremony paused and we all took some time to embrace that wonderful moment.

For the cocktail hour, the bride requested Beatles, Sinatra, and jazz styles. Our flute and cello duo mostly plays classical music, but I was eager for the challenge and after looking through my extensive music library, I found a number of popular and jazz pieces that would work wonderfully with the flute and cello.

Wedding Ceremony Music:
Mothers, Groom, Pastor, Groomsmen ~ Haunted by the Waters from A River Runs Through It
Bridesmaids ~ All I Ask of You
Bride ~ Canon in D (Pachelbel)
Recessional ~ La Rejouissance from Handel’s Water Music
Postlude ~ Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (Handel)

Selected Prelude Music ~ The Sound of Music, To a Wild Rose (MacDowell), Largo from Winter (Handel), The Wedding and the Ludlows from Legends of the Fall, Clair De Lune (Debussy), Si Bheag, Si Mhor (Irish Traditional), Moon River , from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)

Selected Cocktail Hour Music ~ Imagine (Beatles), When I’m Sixty Four (Beatles), A Whole New World, I Want to Hold Your Hand (Beatles), Can You Feel the Love Tonight?, Blue Spanish Eyes, All of Me, My Funny Valentine, Blackbird (Beatles), Misty

Christen and Heather playing at Piney River Ranch, courtesy of Zach Mahone Photography

Christen Stephens and Heather Plattenberger Live at Piney River Ranch, Vail:

All I Ask of You

A Whole New World
My Funny Valentine
Unchained Melody

Wedding Vendors:
Wedding Venue: Piney River Ranch, Vail
Wedding Coordinator: Meg Stepanek of Gemini Event Planning
Photographer: Zach Mahone Photography
Musicians: www.ChristenStephens.comFlute and Cello Duo

If you are getting married in Colorado, we’d loved to play for your wedding ceremony! Go to my wedding page to learn more about the ten different ensembles we offer.

Flute and Cello Duo – Live Music for American Cancer Society Fundraiser

Recently, our flute and cello duo provided live music for an American Cancer Society Fundraiser at the Galleria of Stone in Denver. We played for two hours at this elegant event which featured a large selection of wine, delicious appetizers, and a silent auction. Guests were greeted by the beautiful harp music of Star Edwards on their way in, and then enjoyed our flute and cello duo during the reception. We began by playing classical music for the first hour and then we transitioned to popular and jazz music during the second hour. The guests particularly enjoyed a couple of the Beatles songs that we played and told us they had never heard the Beatles played by the flute and cello before.

Selected Reception Music:
Anglaise (JCF Bach), Gigue from Suite #3 in D Major (Bach), Allegro from Sonata in F Major for Flute (Handel), Fugue from Fugue in B minor (Handel), Prelude Op. 28 #7 for piano (Chopin), Sonatina Op.36 #1 for piano (Clementi), To a Wild Rose (MacDowell), Minuetto Scherzando from Toccata #4 (Scarlatti), Roses From the South (Johann Strauss Jr.), All of Me (Jazz Cover), Blackbird (Beatles), Blue Spanish Eyes, Imagine (Beatles), I Want to Hold Your Hand (Beatles), Misty (Jazz Cover), Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong), When I’m Sixty-Four (Beatles), Imagine (Beatles)

Christen Stephens and Psyche Dunkhase Live at the Galleria of Stone in Denver:

Minuet in G by Bach
Prelude by Bach
Sonata in A Major by Mozart

Add the beautiful music of flute or strings to your next event. Go to my events page to learn more.

Speranza – An American Cancer Society Benefit

On Saturday, September 13, 2014 our flute and cello duo will be playing at the Galleria of Stone for this American Cancer Society Benefit. Tickets are still available so purchase yours today and enjoy some good food, wine, and music while supporting a good cause!

Flute and Cello Wedding Music at the GM Ranch in Sedalia, CO

This past week, I played my flute in the wedding ceremony of a very special young bride awaiting a lung transplant. My heart remains with this couple as they walk together in future trials and hopefully many victories as well.

The day of the ceremony was unusually hot for September, with temperatures over 90 degrees. The ceremony site was wisely situated in the shade of the ranch house, facing lovely views of the countryside, mountains, and horses. The shade combined with falling evening temperatures and a nice breeze coming from the mountains felt wonderful, and everyone stayed cool.

The ceremony site was decorated in a simple and striking theme of red and white and the bridesmaids wore red. Because of the bride’s health, chairs were provided for the bride and groom and wedding party to sit in during the ceremony. It was a short, moving Catholic ceremony and our flute and cello duo played a prelude before the wedding began and then accompanied the vows and sand pouring with soft music by Schubert and Bach.

Wedding Ceremony Music:
Selected Prelude Music ~ Rondo Alla Turca (Mozart), Fairest Lord Jesus, My Heart is Ever Faithful (Bach), St. Anthony’s Chorale (Brahms)
Processional Music ~ Arioso (Bach)
Bridal Processional ~ Canon in D (Pachelbel)
Vows ~ Ave Maria (Schubert)
Sand Pouring ~ Air on the G String (Bach)
Recessional ~ Wedding March (Mendelssohn)

Wedding Vendors:
Venue: GM Ranch, Sedalia
Photographer: Rebecca Marie Photography
Musicians: ChristenStephens.com – Flute and Cello Duo

Musician photos courtesy of Rebecca Marie Photography

Wedding Processional Music Ideas for the Flute

The following is a list wedding processional music that I have handpicked and compiled for 2013. Some of these songs are new and some are old friends paying a return visit, but all of these songs will sound great with the flute.

Classical Wedding Processional Music Ideas:
Classical music sounds great with flute and harp, flute and guitar, solo flute, flute and cello, flute and violin, and flute and strings trios and quartets. Visit my Ensembles page for music samples.

Alla Hornpipe (Handel)
Bridal Chorus (Wagner)
Canon in D (Pachelbel)
Chorale from Cantata No. 147 (JS Bach)
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (JS Bach)
Overture from Royal Fireworks Music (Handel)
Rondeau (Mouret)
Spring from The Four Seasons (Vivaldi)
Te Deum (Marc-Antoine Charpentier)
Trumpet Tune (Purcell)
Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke)
Water Music — Selections (Handel)
Wedding March from a Midsummer Night’s Dream (Mendelssohn)
Wedding March from The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart)
Largo from Winter from The Four Seasons (Vivaldi)

Contemporary Wedding Processional Music Ideas:
These contemporary music selections will sound great with flute and harp, flute and guitar, and flute and string trios and quartets. Visit my Ensembles page for more about these ensembles.

All You Need is Love – The Beatles
At Last – Etta James
Bless the Broken Road – Rascal Flatts
Come Away with Me – Norah Jones
Endless Love – Lionel Richie
Edelweiss – Rodgers/Hammerstein
Falling In Love At a Coffeeshop – Landon Pigg
Fields of Gold – Sting
From This Moment On – Cole Porter
Have I Told You Lately – Rod Stewart
In My Life – Lennon/McCartney
I Will be Here – Steven Curtis Chapman
Legend of Zelda Selections
The Ludlows from Legends of the Fall
Moon River –from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Reign of Love – Coldplay
She – Elvis Costello
Smile – Uncle Kracker
Sunshine of my Life – Stevie Wonder
This Year’s Love – David Gray
The Wedding from Legends of the Fall
Whatever it is – Zac Brown Band
What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
When I Fall in Love – Nat King Cole
When You Say Nothing At All – Alison Krauss
Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
You are the Sunshine of my Life – Stevie Wonder

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Flute and Cello Duo Wedding Music at The Pines at Genesee

Wedding season is in full swing in Colorado, and this past Saturday, I had the pleasure of playing flute for a wedding at the Pines at Genesee in Golden, CO. I played the flute and was accompanied by Marcelo Sanches on the cello.

One of my favorite parts about playing for weddings in Colorado is having the opportunity to explore beautiful locations and venues, not to mention enjoying the gorgeous weather. Saturday turned out to be a very hot day, but upon arriving at the Pines, the elevation combined with some helpful clouds cooled things down. With the added shelter of the beautiful towering pine trees, it turned out to be a perfect evening.

With brick pathways, arbors, and towering pine trees, the ceremony location was rustic with a simple understated elegance. The bride’s choice of a flute and cello duet complemented the setting perfectly.

Marcelo and I played a selection of classical music for the cocktail hour. For the wedding ceremony, the bride asked for traditional and classical music. Other than the Bridal Chorus by Wagner, this busy bride left the specific song selections up to me:

Attendant’s Processional ~ Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach)
Bridal Processional ~ The Bridal Chorus (Wagner)
Recessional ~ Hornpipe (Handel)

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