Inspire Duo Custom Recordings

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What Inspires You?
Send us a special photo or a photo of something or someone special. Or send us a poem, video or anything that means a lot to you. We will then create and record a custom song just for you. We can also add music to video.

How it works:
1) Send us your inspiration
2) We will improvise a custom and unique song based on your inspiration
3) We will deliver the custom professional recording to you by email in the format of an mp3. CD copies are also available upon request.

Check Availability and Pricing:
Contact me at to check availability and pricing. Please attach or link to your inspiration in your email. I usually respond to requests within a couple of hours during normal working hours and within 24 hours during weekends.

Average Rates:
$300 for a recording of an original song between 3 and 5 minutes long
$100/minute for a recording of original music timed to your video

These rates apply to non-commercial use only. Please inquire as to rates for commercial or advertising use.