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About Inspire Duo
Experience improvisation in jazz and classical styles like never heard before with Inspire Duo. Our music features the music of Christen Stephens on the flute and Craig Woodward on the piano. Our duo creates purely improvisational music inspired by people, art and life. Often, our performances may sound planned or composed, but we actually spontaneously create each song in the moment.

Our influences come from our classical training coupled with our love for jazz and modern music. We create a unique blend of these styles and add our own flair to make beautiful and wildly creative music. Each performance is uniquely crafted in response to the environment and to audience responses. Art and photo inspirations from the audience and those selected by us will be featured on a screen as each improvisation is being performed.

We are available to play for events in Denver, Boulder and throughout Colorado and also collaborate with local visual artists and dancers.

Inspire us, listen, and be inspired.

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